Philadelphia's monthly Catholic magazine
launches September 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Phaith stories keep simmering

Preparations for the new Phaith magazine continue ahead of its September launch. With the cover story already in development -- sorry, no hints as to what the feature will be -- columns on aspects of modern living are being organized by editors.

The topics include married life, parenting, work life, movies and media, spirituality and others. They are all part of life, and Phaith will bring Catholic insights into them all.

Since the magazine will be distributed to every Catholic home in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, much of the content and Phaith's fresh, appealing approach will be a pleasant eye-opener to the many Catholics who do not receive The Catholic Standard and Times (which is publishing the magazine) or even attend Mass at a local church regularly.

And that's the big deal about Phaith. Its mission is to reach out to Catholics who have perhaps little connection to the Catholic Church and reenergizer their faith in Jesus Christ, lived through the family of faith that is the Church.

Phaith will evangelize Catholics to help them live again the faith in Christ which they received at baptism. And it comes at no cost to them -- yes, it's free to every household registered at a Catholic parish in the archdiocese.

Watch this blog for more updates as the staff approaches Phaith's early summer deadline.

In the meantime, ponder this: do you know of a local Catholic person (young or older) who has a fascinating story of a life lived faithfully in Christ through the Church?

Help us tell it far and wide. Let us know who the person is and which parish, and we'll take it from there.